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Wide range of quality engineering consumables that help you get the job done.
Abrasives, Grinding, Polishing, adhesives, sealants, sealing, air tools, air tool accessories, automotive, cleaners, chemicals, cleaners and chemicals, fasteners, gas cylinders, hand tools, drill bits, hardware, generators, hose, hose and tube, hydraulic, control, hydraulic control, lifting equipment, lifting, lubrication, oils, grease, power tools, drill, grinder, safety, safety equipment, PPE, seals, oil seals, viton, storage, welding equipment, welding, welding machines, welding helmet, gloves, engineering, crc, industrial, industrial solutions, power tools, mig welder, tig welder, cleaning products, cleaning equipment, hardware, lifting, rigging, slings, electrodes, mig wire, enerpac, loctite, adhesives, glue, tape, sika, chemicals, tools, equipment, power tools NZ, NZ hand tools, auckland tools, hamilton tools, hamilton new zealand, nelson new zealand, nelson, motion centre dunedin, motion centre hamilton, christchurch motion centre, tauranga tools, NZ engineering, engineering new zealand, powerbuilt, milwaukee, tools, tool chests, sockets, grinding discs, air hose, compressors, heaters, timken, AroPro, arcopro, arco pro, welding rods, lubrication, septone, safety specs, zinc, simple green, crc556, motion new zealand, motion, motion nz,
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Abrasives, Grinding and Polishing

Adhesives, Sealants and Fillers

Air Tools and Fittings

Automotive Products

Cleaners and Chemicals

Fasteners and Fixings

Gas Cylinders and Refills

General Engineering and Hardware


Hand Tools

Hose and Tube

Hydraulic Control



Power Tools



Welding Equipment and Consumables

Storage and Material Handling

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