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Specialists in Power Transmission
for more than a Century

Motion New Zealand is a long-standing partner of mayr ®
mayr® power transmission from the Allgäu region is one of the most traditional and yet most innovative German companies in the field of power transmission. From modest beginnings in 1897, the family-run company has developed into the world market leader.

Never compromise on safety
mayr® makes no compromises where safety is concerned. Supplying only products with a perfect guarantee that no one is injured or machines damaged in cases of operational malfunctions, collisions and other hazardous situations. The safety of your employees and machines is their motivation to always provide the
best and most reliable torque limiters, shaft couplings or safety brakes.

mayr ® power transmission holds numerous ground-breaking patents and is the global market or technological leader for:
✓ Application-optimised safety brakes, for example for passenger elevators, stage technology and gravity-loaded axes
✓ Torque limiters to protect against expensive overload damage and production losses
✓ Backlash-free servo couplings and electronic devices for brakes and clutches

The wide-ranging product portfolio also includes:
✓ Backlash-free shaft couplings
✓ Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
✓ High-quality DC drives


With the new service mayr+, you have exclusive access to the extended range of services and information. You can view all our web seminars covering selected topics on safety clutch and safety brake technology. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts and inform yourself quickly and completely about selected topics in drive technology – no matter when, no matter where.


Design Exactly What You Need
With just a few mouse clicks to create “your” product: The configuration of shaft couplings, safety couplings and safety brakes could hardly be easier or faster. In less than a minute, you can put together the right product for your application. After configuration, you can generate drawings for the products you have configured, download corresponding CAD exchange files and request quotations or alternatives.

Request a quote
Here you can request price and delivery time for your configured product.

Request alternatives
Not 100% sure whether your configuration is the right solution?
Or are you interested in possible alternatives? We are happy to help.

Drawings / CAD
You need a drawing or various CAD exchange formats (2D or 3D) for your project? Simply download your desired formats.

Contact info
Tech Support: [email protected]

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