Training by SAECOWilson

29 August, 2016

Training by SAECOWilson. Investing in our people is key to any business success.


Training by SAECOWilsonInvesting in our people is key to any business success.

Through utilising our technical expertise and vast experience we have developed comprehensive product training programs for our customers and our own team.

Whether you are an engineer seeking assistance with selecting appropriate materials or wanting a refresher in an area you have not been involved in for a while, a distributor wanting to up skill your team so they can provide a better service to your customers or you have just started in a role as a cadet, SAECOWilson has training material that can likely help.

Our training programs can be tailored to your audience and delivered at your site or participants can study at their own pace some material through our correspondence programme. Where no training program exists to address your needs we can develop one for you.