Wayne Eade - Red Nose Day

17 March, 2017

Wayne Eade - Red Nose Day

I would just like to thank SAECOWilson for helping me collect for red nose day this year, we collected at South City New World Invercargill 

The day started out wet but by 10am the sun was out and people were out and about with a smile on their face . 

I found the generosity of people amazing, and people would like to have a chat as they were donating.

You could tell the difference as the day went on because later in the day you could tell people were a bit more rushed - must have been wanting to get home for dinner. 

We raised around $550.00 for cure kids and ran out of red noses and wrist bands by 3.30 pm 

Thanks Wayne Eade 

SAECOWilson Invercargill