Jordan Priddle – Weed Control on Motutapu Island

18 March, 2017

Jordan Priddle – Weed Control on Motutapu Island

I spent an excellent day volunteering for the Motutapu Restoration Trust on Wednesday 7th December. 

Working alongside regular volunteers and French students, around ten of us worked in a line sweeping through established tree plantings dealing to noxious weeds. 
Specifically we hunted out Woolly Nightshade, Gorse, Moth Plant and Apple of Sodom. We tended to ignore the rest unless the thistle plants were crowding out small trees. The Apple of Sodom plant was introduced to the Island in dirt stuck in the tyres and treads of vehicles used in North Africa in WW2. 
Aside from all the spiky plants this was an enjoyable day’s work with fantastic people with a nice harbour cruise on the Ferry too, I’ll be going back in my own time…

Thank you SAECOWilson for letting me volunteer on Motutapu Island