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5 March, 2018

Matthew Shea at the IHC Community Shop in Stoke February 2018 which is run by volunteers. They were fantastic and fun; and just loved to be in a position to help. The IHC Charity Shop sell recycled items including cloths, furniture, toys, jewellery, music, DVD’s and homeware items. I was their “muscle” for the day (hopefully I didn’t let them down). After meeting the team I went with Bruce to Tapawera to pick up a large cabinet. On my journey I got to know Bruce and his background, he gave me some very sound advice about “tom foolery” in the workplace and where to draw the line. On our return Bruce finished up and I spent some time with Karlin in the store. Karlin was a real character who had recently represented at the Special Olympics playing golf. Karlin also had some advice for me, I was pushing for some golf tips but the conversation quickly turned around to Ladies. Unfortunately I am not as smooth as Karlin and will just keep my head down. After lunch I did some cleaning (don’t tell my wife), lugged a few larger and heavy items for customers to their vechile’s, put up a window display and arranged the DVD’s and CD into order. The DVD’s were a breeze but the CD’s not so as they were predominantly pre 80’s music, I really needed Marks extensive music knowledge!

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