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Core Power Systems


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Consulting & Design by SAECOWilson

SAECOWilson can provide engineering consulting services for upgrades and new plant design.

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Site Surveys by SAECOWilson

SAECOWilson provide a service to survey major plant and machinery on customers sites as well as inventory reviews of critical spares.

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Specialist Installation Services by SAECOWilson

Specialist Installation Services by SAECOWilson. Interestingly we believe only 10% of bearings reach their intended design life.

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Training by SAECOWilson

Training by SAECOWilson. Investing in our people is key to any business success.

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Vibration Analysis by SAECOWilson

Vibration Analysis by SAECOWilson. This is the predominant technology employed in condition monitoring to determine the condition of various mechanical components and so be able to predict the expected life of a component and the urgency of possible repairs required.

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Gates Features Guide by SAECOWilson

While two V-belts may look similar to the casual observer, engineering design processes and materials can vary greatly, leading to vast differences in performance. With nearly 100 years of experience, Gates advanced V- belt systems are constructed to out-perform and outlast all other competitive products.

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