THK Linear Bearings
Distributor of Bearings, Power Transmission and Engineering consumables to the New Zealand industrial and automotive markets through a national network of 22 branches from Invercargill to Kaitaia.
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THK are the world’s largest and foremost manufacturer of linear guide systems, ballscrews and associated products. SAECOWilson are THK’s exclusive New Zealand distributor having over 35 years experience with design and application assistance.

SHS - Four Way Equal Load Type

Global dimension standard. Suitable for loads in all orientations.

SSR - LM Guide With Caged Ball Technology

Most economical type. Low mounting height. Compact design. More forgiving of mounting errors.

SHW - Wide, Low Gravity Centre Type

Four way equal load type. Wide, low gravity centre suitable for moment loads and single rail configurations.

SKR - LM Guide Actuator

The linear motion guide and the driving ballscrew are integrated so that space-saving, high rigidity and high accuracy are possible.

SRS - Miniature LM Guides

Ultra compact miniature guide suitable for loads in all directions available in standard or wide type.

HCR - Circular Motion Type

HCR is based on the service-proven LM Guide type HSR that is capable of supporting loads in all orientations. Segments and full circles.

BTK-V - Rolled Ball Screws

Standard lead, flange mount nut, available in both right and left hand configuration. Improved recirculation tube design maximises allowable speed.

BNT - Rolled Ball Screws

As mounting holes are machined on the square pad of the nut, compact mounting on the machine is possible.

NLK, WTF - Rolled Ball Screws

Large lead rolled ball screws for high-speed feed. Designed to meet the needs of high speed automated machinery.

Precision Ball Screws

Precision ground ball screws for high accuracy and repeatability. Preloaded for zero backlash. Preloaded. Full complement ball and caged ball types available. Finish machined assemblies ready to mount to standard support units.

SLS/SLF - Ball Splines

Caged ball design. Large torque load can be transmitted via the six ball rows. Zero angular backlash with a single spline nut.

LM, LME, LMB - Linear Ball Bushings

Complete range including standard, open and self aligning types, also available in stainless steel.<br /> LM - Asian Ball Bush. LME - European Standard Ball Bush. LMB - Imperial Standard Ball Bush.

LMK - Linear Ball Bushings

Square Flange type. In comparison to the round flange type, the flange figure is smaller, so that more compact design is possible.

LMF - Linear Ball Screws

Round flange type. As this type can be bolted directly to the housing, mounting is simple.

EK/EF - Ball Screw Support Units

BK/BF - Ball Screw Support Units

FK/FF - Ball Screw Support Units

SC - LM Case Unit and Shaft Support

This unit can be mounted simply by bolting it to a table.

SK - LM Case Unit and Shaft Support

Lightweight shaft-supports made of aluminium. Hardened and ground linear shafting. Carbon steel / Chrome plated / Stainless steel

DC/DCM - Trapezoidal Screw Shaft and Nuts

Trapezoidal 30 degrees precision rolled lead screw. Special die cast high performance alloy nuts.

DP/DPM - Spline Shafts and Nuts

Plain splines. Minimum backlash. High torque ratings.

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