Vibration Analysis
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Vibration Analysis

This is the predominant technology employed in condition monitoring to determine the condition of various mechanical components and so be able to predict the expected life of a component and the urgency of possible repairs required.
It is a non invasive technique which collects vibration data from machines under normal operating conditions. Vibration readings are typically taken at bearing locations following accepted industry practices and conventions. This raw wavelength is the transformed into a special format and analyzed with proprietary software which allows analysis to take place.
Vibration analysis provides the best indication of machine condition and the presence of faults as it can detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing and gear defects, lubrication issues, resonance and avitation amongst others. Trending data over time allows wear severity and progression to be monitored improving predictive capabilities.
A high degree of skill and training is required to be able to interpret vibration data. As such reports are tabled in non technical terms and use a traffic light system to illustrate the severity of the fault detected. Green suggests monitoring is within allowable limits, amber means a fault/issue has been detected and requires attention or further monitoring, whilst red indicates a severe fault which requires immediate attention to avoid equipment failure.
Limitations of this technology are largely related to the frequency and operating conditions under which data is collected. Occasionally faults can develop quickly and failures occur before the next scheduled survey. Identifying critical equipment and understanding their maintenance history will assist in developing an appropriate program.

Azima Portal Access

Azima DLI is the leader and premier provider of predictive machine condition monitoring and analysis services that align SAECOWilson customer’s high standards for reliability, availability and uptime. AZIMA DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services utilize flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic software and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable and cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs. The company’s bundled solutions enable SAECOWilson to choose comprehensive, proven programs that ensure asset availability and maximise productivity.

FAG SmartCheck

Online monitoring for small non-process critical systems
FAG SmartCheck takes intelligent machine monitoring to a new level: compact, easy to operate and at a unique price/performance ratio. Thus, makes the online monitoring of small, non process critical systems like electric motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, fans and gearboxes cost-efficient.
The innovative real time monitoring system employs a number of novel technologies and trend-setting functions. These include the combination of information provided by the measurement of classic parameters and vibration based process parameters. The measuring system detects potential damage to machines early and reliably and helps to avoid unplanned shutdowns and costly secondary damage. Thus, the FAG SmartCheck already offers numerous options that future machine monitoring schemes cannot be imagined without.
Completed by a unique full service around machine diagnosis and rolling bearings, the FAG SmartCheck makes a valuable contribution to optimizing processes and reducing Life Cycle Cost (LCC) as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Other conditioning monitoring solutions available from SAECOWilson in partnership with Schaeffler
Other maintenance products and services from our supply partner Schaeffler can be viewed by clicking the below link. Our team of engineers are happy to work with you in accessing various condition monitoring solutions from our supply partner so in the first instance if you have any questions please contact one of the team at your local SAECOWilson branch and they will ensure we have the appropriate person contact you to assist in identifying what solution best meets your needs.
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